Learning to use (and love) the Command Line


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Title Learning to use (and love) the Command Line Learning to use (and love) the Command Line
Date 2010-07-18 02:10:05 2010-07-18 02:12:15
Editor serjant serjant

2010-07-18 02:10:05 by serjant
2010-07-18 02:12:15 by serjant
131                               modification of fil131                               modification of fil
>e status information)>e status information)
132                               with -l: show ctime132                               with -l: show ctime
> and sort by name> and sort by name
133                               otherwise: sort by 133                               otherwise: sort by 
134  -C                         list entries by colum134  -C                         list entries by colum
135      --color[=WHEN]         control whether color135      --color[=WHEN]         control whether color
> is used to distinguish file> is used to distinguish file
n136                               types.  WHEN may ben136                               types.  WHEN may be
> `never', `always', or `auto'> 'never', 'always', or 'auto'
137  -d, --directory            list directory entrie137  -d, --directory            list directory entrie
>s instead of contents,>s instead of contents,
138                               and do not derefere138                               and do not derefere
>nce symbolic links>nce symbolic links
139  -D, --dired                generate output desig139  -D, --dired                generate output desig
>ned for Emacs' dired mode>ned for Emacs' dired mode
140  -f                         do not sort, enable -140  -f                         do not sort, enable -
>aU, disable -lst>aU, disable -lst
141  -F, --classify             append indicator (one141  -F, --classify             append indicator (one
> of */=&gt;@|) to entries> of */=&gt;@|) to entries
n142      --file-type            likewise, except do nn142      --file-type            likewise, except do n
>ot append `*'>ot append '*'
143      --format=WORD          across -x, commas -m,143      --format=WORD          across -x, commas -m,
> horizontal -x, long -l,> horizontal -x, long -l,
144                               single-column -1, v144                               single-column -1, v
>erbose -l, vertical -C>erbose -l, vertical -C
145      --full-time            like -l --time-style=145      --full-time            like -l --time-style=
146  -g                         like -l, but do not l146  -g                         like -l, but do not l
>ist owner>ist owner
147  -G, --no-group             like -l, but do not l147  -G, --no-group             like -l, but do not l
>ist group>ist group
172  -o                         like -l, but do not l172  -o                         like -l, but do not l
>ist group information>ist group information
173  -p, --indicator-style=slash173  -p, --indicator-style=slash
174                             append / indicator to174                             append / indicator to
> directories> directories
175  -q, --hide-control-chars   print ? instead of no175  -q, --hide-control-chars   print ? instead of no
>n graphic characters>n graphic characters
176      --show-control-chars   show non graphic char176      --show-control-chars   show non graphic char
>acters as-is (default>acters as-is (default
n177                             unless program is `lsn177                             unless program is 'ls
>' and output is a terminal)>' and output is a terminal)
178  -Q, --quote-name           enclose entry names i178  -Q, --quote-name           enclose entry names i
>n double quotes>n double quotes
179      --quoting-style=WORD   use quoting style WOR179      --quoting-style=WORD   use quoting style WOR
>D for entry names:>D for entry names:
180                               literal, locale, sh180                               literal, locale, sh
>ell, shell-always, c, escape>ell, shell-always, c, escape
181  -r, --reverse              reverse order while s181  -r, --reverse              reverse order while s
182  -R, --recursive            list subdirectories r182  -R, --recursive            list subdirectories r
188      --time=WORD            with -l, show time as188      --time=WORD            with -l, show time as
> WORD instead of modification> WORD instead of modification
189                             time: atime, access, 189                             time: atime, access, 
>use, ctime or status; use>use, ctime or status; use
190                             specified time as sor190                             specified time as sor
>t key if --sort=time>t key if --sort=time
191      --time-style=STYLE     with -l, show times u191      --time-style=STYLE     with -l, show times u
>sing style STYLE:>sing style STYLE:
192                             full-iso, long-iso, i192                             full-iso, long-iso, i
>so, locale, +FORMAT.>so, locale, +FORMAT.
t193                             FORMAT is interpretedt193                             FORMAT is interpreted
> like `date'; if FORMAT is> like 'date'; if FORMAT is
194                             FORMAT1&lt;newline&gt194                             FORMAT1&lt;newline&gt
>;FORMAT2, FORMAT1 applies to>;FORMAT2, FORMAT1 applies to
195                             non-recent files and 195                             non-recent files and 
>FORMAT2 to recent files;>FORMAT2 to recent files;
196                             if STYLE is prefixed 196                             if STYLE is prefixed 
>with `posix-', STYLE>with `posix-', STYLE
197                             takes effect only out197                             takes effect only out
>side the POSIX locale>side the POSIX locale
198  -t                         sort by modification 198  -t                         sort by modification 

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