SAMity Beta Release rc2


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The SAMity Linux project is pleased to announce the final 2010 release. Check the Downloads page to get the 32 bit LiveCD for new computers or for elder once the lgc version. SAMity is based on the new linux-project unity-linux which has released the 2010-final recently. SAMity uses the kernel version and xfce 4.6.2 as a leight-weight desktop. At the moment only the rc2 of the lgc version is available in the repo but we will change this status soon. Also for users who want to have xfce as desktop environment a pure xfce-iso will be there. More than 8,500 packages are available after installation in the unity-repos. As a standart SAMity uses wbar and a modified Mint-Linux menu (thanks to Onkel Ho from Qua It) and much more. Full 3D-support for graphics is given as long the graphics-card allows it. Take a look to SAMity and enjoy it.

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