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  • Xfce settings & desktop small problems
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    Window manager keyboard bindings could be only changed through settings editor. And even then you need to delete the key name [!] and the program does the opposite - it deletes the key binding. Only than you could enter new key combo in settings-manager.

    The desktop is not refreshing file icons on changes and the refresh item is missing from the right click menu. Still, F5 works.
  • libgtk+2.0_0-devel
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    Tilda in depos is broken.

    I had to compile Tilda and Midori 2.8 but Smart could not install libgtk+2.0_0-devel because it could not resolve libgdk_pixbug2.0_devel-2.20.

    I opened the Unity main Test channel and refresh but Smart could not see it. I went directly to the repo site, you coukld chose any of the mirrors, downloaded the libgdk_pixbuf2.0_0-devel-2.20.1-1-unity2010.i586.rpm and installed it. Afterwards Smart agreed to install the rest of the devel rpms.

    Anyhow, Tilda still segfaults:'(
    Make gave warnings about deprecated vte functions and mismatched pointers...

    Midori 2.8 compiles and runs fine.

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  • Re: New site
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    Oh mike1, it's true that when a distro such as SAM does't have problems the forums don't swell. So with mine (over)reaction, precisely for having fun for a moment and than having a feeling that it might never come back. Although everybody says that its good for linux to evolve, the darwinian reality sometimes seems harsh, still, it's a reality. I really support the efforts to give this good thing to everyone.
    Thanks again Yogibaer, the nouns start with a capital, yeah!
  • Re: New site
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    Congratulations on your 'rebirth'! Thanks for informing me through mail. I used to visit the empty halls of the old site [the burial grounds] like a wounded animal, expecting in vain to see any signs of life. [more prose macabre: ...only to find a rotting, spam maggot infested corpse of a once loved city. And the bit crushing winds howled before the empty aliased horizons while sadness echoed 'no reply'... 'no reply'... as the life goes on somewhere else within the eternal light of internet, I gave up. We will meet again in the Valhalla of]

    The new site has a great uniform design - spitzen klasse [?? is it sppeled proparlie]

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