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  • Re: New site
    Board English forum Feedback
    Hey Yogi ! So is that 2 words put together? Like "boardroom" ? (No spechen zie Deutch this end!)
    Marin, curious, is most of your reading/writing morose? I think over the years with SAM (& Nico)
    the emphasis has been to have "fun" with Linux. It is an inexpensive form of
    entertainment with the side benefit of relieving the frustrations of dealing with
    M$. The Distro itself has "morphed", as all do, and we (you & I) morphed and learned along
    with Linux. I think the Forum or Forums get used less over time because most peoples questions
    have been answered, and the Distro itself became/becomes less problematic to those following
    it. However, getting the Distro out there to those new to Linux (for whatever reason) should revive
    Forum activity. We have something good to give away, so-to-speak.
    Sorry for the ramblin' Marin, but do keep writing and expressing because you have the talent
    for it. I guess i could call that Word Pictures. aufwieder.... mike
  • Re: Wishlist for the forum
    Board English forum General discussion
    I'm using Opera 10.01 now, and looked/paged with Firefox 3.5.7. Both look/page good to me. I had to backdate from the most recent updates of those because they came with their own crash problems.
    (remember...if it is not broken, don't fix it!)mike
  • Re: New site
    Board English forum Feedback
    THANK YOU Guys for doing this. I like the green, and the fact it is not cluttered. Actually, the whole site layout. Also, i especially like the way the Rules/Info was spelled out AND that there were links included that will help me. mike

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