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SAMity upload bei

This version is based on unity alpha from January.
It includes xfce 4.8 and we have fighted with the user rights to enable shutdown and halt of the computer. The policykit does not allow much but we succeeded. *YAHOO*
One point: after installation a new user other than guest cannot shutdown or halt the computer. he has to log out and after the log out he is able to halt the computer.
If the shutdown does not appear you have to enter the control center and add the new user to the groups shutdown and halt. That is all. We are looking to give you a script for that later.

So the iso contains abiword, compiz is included with an icon on the desktop. To start this be sure that your comp is able to handle compiz. If not the screen gets white.
The iso is also prepared to handle scanner and printer. But, especially as the printer install is so big it is just the basic help. You have to download something like 200 MB more to get the printer working.
The iso contains some games and wbar and screenlets. The start of wbar has to be fine-tuned because from time to time the wbar is on top of a black bar. That is a known issue and the easy was to fix that is to make a right mouse-click in the black area and voila. The hard fix we will take care on but this needs some additional time.

Step through the iso and tell us what is nice and what does not work.

Looking for feedback.
SAMity 2011
Kernel 35.8
RAM 3,2 GB
Nvidia 6100
WLAN zd1211
Very nice! For me everything I want works. I will work with it and report if I have a comment. I do not often use my printer but, I will try. Thanks for all your the good work. I will enjoy using it.:-D
Unity & SAMity user. Acer Aspire X1200 AMD Desktop PC - AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 5500+ 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 350 HDD, DVD/CDRW

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