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Hello, my name is Agustin, i'm from Argentina, and i think that i have found what i was lookin for in SAMity.
I have one question: what´s the difference between SAMity 2010, SAMity 2010 lgc and SAMity 2010 xfce?? Which one i should download?


PD: I apologize for my bad english, but it´s not my native language.
Hello Agustin,

your english is quite well and welcome on board. *DANCE*

SAMity 2010 is the version for normal computers with the programs in I assume you need.
SAMity 2010 lgc is the version for older computers which are not supported by the normal kernel.
SAMity 2010 xfce is a version for normal computers which contains no additional programs. If your computer is better or equal then a Pentium 4 take the first one.

SAMity 2011
Kernel 35.8
RAM 3,2 GB
Nvidia 6100
WLAN zd1211
Ok thanks, i´m downloading the first one then. I will be posting some feedback soon i hope!
Hi this is starkronald and i'm also looking for SAMity 2010 lgc. But little bit confused in SAMity 2010 and SAM 2010 xfce. If anybody give me a suggest so please.

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