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Very soon the two versions of SAMity 2010 will show up. I will post it here as soon the iso's are uploaded. The lgc is with the 33.6 kernel and mklivecd 91.1. As office abiword and gnumeric are included. evince is the document reader and brasero serves for CD-burning. I also have solved the issue what richjack had addressed with the gdm-theme. Language choice is available.

The "normal" SAMity 2010 is based on 33.6 kernel and OOO from the repos. Also brasero is included as in contrast to xfburn it is able to do multisession. I hope you will enjoy it.

Known problems are still the 3D-support of NVidia-graphic cards. If the Live CD will not boot in the first setting choose the failsafe boot option. Then plymouth is ignored but the boot will finish.

More later.

Here are now the download addresses:
for SAMity 2010
for SAMity 2010 lgc

David, please correct the download links.
SAMity 2011
Kernel 35.8
RAM 3,2 GB
Nvidia 6100
WLAN zd1211

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