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forum rules (by Gregor, updated by BUNYswiss, translation of the german rules by Yogibaer)

1. handling inside the forum

It isn't mentioned separate, but in this forum the conversation should be nice and friendly. If a question does not give a positive answer immediately, please be patient. All members of SAMity Linux and all members in this forum help you on a private base.

2. not allowed:

illegal links, hints to it or illegal offers are not allowed in this forum. Especially in Linux it should be the convention to respect the belongings of the others and to honor their work.

3. looking for solutions

Before you post a question, please do a Google search first and after that use the search option of the SAM-forum. Quite often, the question was already asked and a solution was given, especially in the case of system problems as they mostly show up on other peoples systems too. Doing it this way will provide you with a solution much faster than by simply posting your problem.

4. add useful information if you ask something (if possible)

For questions: add as much background information as possible to your question. If it is a hardware related problem you should add the terminal output of the program which causes the problem. How to do this? Start the program in a terminal and copy and paste the error messages if you have some.
But: don't be afraid to ask if you have no background information or you don't know how to do something. We were all beginners one time and stupid questions do not exist.

5. classification of the questions

Please be aware to post your question in the right subject of the forum. If you post in the wrong forum as it happens from time to time we will not kill you but if we have to sort this by hand we cannot manage it. The SAM-team is small. Helpers always welcome.

6. mark with [ solved ]

To get a better overview of the posts: If a thread is solved mark it with [ solved ] in front of (!) the thread title. Please write only [ solved ] if a solution of your problem is known! (Other users, who have perhaps the same problem, will have a solution available.) Don't do things like "[!!!solved!!!]", "[ linux ] crashed" or "help!!!!!!". Use titles which are making sense and are informative.

(I will change the title of a thread if it is not correct. If a solution is found and the user doesn't show up again in the forum I will mark the thread as solved.)

7. Is the hardware XY compatible with SAMity Linux?

Please, don't ask "Is the hardware XY compatible with SAMity Linux". Just try it. We are only few people and we have limited hardware resources so we cannot test all hardware configurations. In most cases our friend Google helps us out. You could also look into the linux driver list
Please try normal things first, then do a Google search, study the first ten search results and after that ask in the forum your question together with the results you got during your search. Based on this extra info we might find a solution sooner. The advantage of this method is that you learn a lot of things by yourself and all others profit by getting more infos you have collected.

8. Looking for a special program

If you are looking for a program take a first look to the Software Manager (SMART). This is the easiest way to get new software.

9. Windows counterparts for Linux

If you are looking for software you know from the windows world take a look to:
There you find a comparison of a lot of Linux progs with windows applications.

10. Windows programs using WINE

Windows programs, which should be used with Wine, can be checked in WineHQ Application Database before the first trial. The listed software shows a large number of tested programs and gives you a first hint if the program could be used with Wine or not. In the most cases you will find installation support. (

11. post pictures in the forum

We have a limited webspace available. Please don't post large pictures in our webpage. Use a webserver free of charge as imageshack instead or other free services. You will get a thumbnail of your picture and a link which you can put in the forum. Thanks

The final remark: YOU SHOULD HAVE FUN WITH SAMity Linux and we as well.
So let's have fun

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